Recognizing Plant Cell authors: Jian Wu

Jian Wu, first author of Spatiotemporal restriction of FUSCA3 by class I BPCs promotes ovule development and coordinates embryo and endosperm growth

Current Position: Assistant professor, Department of ornamental horticulture, China Agricultural University (since May 2019)

Education: PhD in ornamental horticulture at China Agricultural University (2016)

Non-scientific Interests: hiking and travelling

Brief bio: My research mainly focuses on the regulation of plant dormancy in ornamental plants, including transcriptional and epigenetic regulation. During my MSc and PhD, I studied the regulation of corm dormancy in Gladiolus in the laboratory of Prof. Mingfang Yi at China Agricultural University and was a joint PhD student in Dr. Sonia Gazzarrini research group at the University of Toronto, Canada. In 2016, I worked as a post-doc in Dr. Zhizhong Gong group at China Agricultural University, and in 2017, I moved to Canada and worked as a post-doctoral fellow in Dr. Sonia Gazzarrini lab in the Department of Biology Sciences, where I studied the regulation seed development and dormancy in Arabidopsis. This project aimed to identify novel regulators of a master regulator of seed development, FUSCA3, and the results are shown in the recent publication in Plant Cell. Since May 2019, I am working as an Assistant Professor at China Agricultural University (Beijing), where I study dormancy release in Gladiolus and the role of vernalization in floral transition in lily.


现在职位:中国农业大学观赏园艺系副教授  (自2019年5月)

教育经历:中国农业大学观赏园艺系博士 (2016年)


个人简介:我的研究方向为观赏植物休眠的调控机制,涉及转录和表观调控等。硕士和博士阶段,在中国农业大学义鸣放教授实验室开展唐菖蒲球茎休眠的研究,期间在多伦多大学Sonia Gazzarrini实验团队进行联合博士培养。2016年,进入中国农业大学植物科学系巩志忠教授团队进行博士后研究。2017年前往加拿大,在多伦多大学生命科学系Sonia Gazzarrini教授实验室开展拟南芥种子发育和休眠的博士后研究。该项目主要是筛选种子发育主控基因FUSCA3的新调节子,相关研究结果已写入本篇论文之中。2019年5月,作者在中国农业大学获得副教授教职,目前主要从事唐菖蒲球茎休眠和低温春化对百合成花转化的相关研究。