Recognizing Plant Cell authors: Javier Galdón Armero

Javier Galdón Armero, first author of An SEM resource for locating loci influencing epidermal development in tomato reveals a new role for Mixta-like in leaves

Current Position: Field Trial Expert at Seipasa


2014-2018: PhD in Plant Science at the John Innes Centre, Norwich, UK

2010-2014: BSc in Biotechnology at the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Spain

Non-scientific Interests: travelling and gardening (or growing anything I can in my balcony!)

Brief bio: After finishing my first degree in Biotechnology in Spain, I started my PhD at the John Innes Centre working on trichome (epidermal hair) development in tomato under the supervision of Cathie Martin. My work aimed to exploit the natural variation in trichome development present in the wild tomato Solanum pennellii to identify new genetic factors involved in trichome initiation or morphogenesis. I also tried to understand if the diversity in trichome traits could contribute to improve tomato tolerance to drought and whitefly infestation. After a short post-doc stay at the John Innes Centre, I joined the Plant Biotechnology Unit at British American Tobacco in Cambridge, UK, where I developed and implemented advanced molecular techniques for genetic research in tobacco. Earlier this year, I joined Seipasa, a mid-sized company in Valencia developing natural crop protection products, as a field trial expert.