Recognizing Plant Cell authors: He Zhang

He Zhang, first author of MicroRNA775 Regulates Intrinsic Leaf Size and Reduces Cell Wall Pectin Levels by Targeting a Galactosyltransferase Gene in Arabidopsis

Current Position: Ph.D. candidate, School of Life Sciences, Peking University, Beijing, China

Education: Bachelor of Biological science in Beijing Forestry University; Ph.D. of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in Peking University

Non-scientific Interests: writing; reading detective stories

Brief bio: I met Prof. Lei Li at the enrollment summer camp of Peking University in 2014, and then I was fortunately enrolled as a Ph.D. candidate joining the Li’s Lab at June of 2015. Our lab current focus is on microRNAs and copper homeostasis, which both are vital and versatile regulators during development and adaption. My project is focusing on the function of ath-miR775, we found that the miR775-GALT9 circuit regulates cell size through modulating the pectin constituent of the cell wall. And we have proposed a model of delineated HY5-miR775-GALT9 pathway controls size and morphogenesis of expanded leaves. Now, we are digging out more cues about the internal signals and external stimuli in regulating organ size based on the miRNAs network.