Recognizing Plant Cell authors: Chaobin Li

Chaobin Li, first author of A SnRK1-ZmRFWD3-Opaque2 signaling axis regulates diurnal nitrogen accumulation in maize seeds

Current Position: Postdoc, Institute of Plant Sciences, University of Bern

Education: Ph.D. in Shanghai University; B.S. in Shanghai University

Non-scientific Interests: hiking, documentary film, esports

Brief bio: I’ve always found it fascinating how crops were domesticated and how they helped us human beings to reach the top of the food chain. In my senior year at Shanghai University, I started working in Rentao Song’s lab and started to realize that crops like maize still have huge room for improvement. In my Ph.D. studies, I focus on the transcription regulatory network of Opaque2 in maize endosperm (Li, et al., Plant Cell, 2015). My other project during Ph.D. focused on the identification of transcription factors regulating zein-coding genes (Li, et al., Plant Cell, 2018). In 2017, I became a postdoc at China Agricultural University. After years of unremitting efforts by my colleagues, we finally characterized this SnRK1-ZmRFWD3-Opaque2 signaling axis that transduces the source-to-sink signals and coordinates C and N assimilation in developing maize seeds. Now I have started a new research life in Switzerland at the University of Bern.