Recognizing Plant Cell authors: Ana M. Laureano Marín

Ana M. Laureano Marín, co-first author of Abscisic Acid-Triggered Persulfidation of Cysteine Protease ATG4 Mediates Regulation of Autophagy by Sulfide

Current Position: R&D Project Manager in Fertiberia SA.

Education: PhD in Plant Biochemistry. Instituto de Bioquímica Vegetal y Fotosíntesis. IBVF (Seville)

Non-scientific Interests: reading, listening to music, animals

Brief bio: After finishing my degree in Pharmacy, I already knew that research was going to be the next stage. I was very lucky, and two years later I was starting my PhD in the group of Dr. Gotor and Dr. Romero. My main focus was studying the role of sulfide, until now better known for its toxic effects, in the regulation of important physiological processes such as autophagy in Arabidopsis thaliana. During all those years I enjoyed and learned a lot and the accumulated knowledge and experience helped me start my next stage. Today, I work in a fertilizer company as a project manager related to sustainable agriculture.