Qi Zhou: Plant Physiology First Author

Qi Zhou, first author of “PTOX-dependent safety valve does not oxidize P700 during photosynthetic induction in the pgr5 mutant”

Current Position: Ph.D. student in Lab of Plant Molecular Genetics, Division of Biological Science, Graduate School of Science, Kyoto University

Education: Department of Botany, Graduate School of Science, Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan

Non-scientific Interests: Climbing, equestrian and traveling

Brief Bio:  My research interest in on the molecular biology related to the solution of global climate change. Therefore, I joined the lab of Prof. Shikanai in Kyoto University, where we are studying the regulation of photosynthetic electron transport. PTOX2 is a safety valve for electrons and mediates high activity of chlororespiration in Chlamydomonas. We introduced the Chlamydomomas PTOX2 gene into Arabidopsis to study its impact on photosynthetic electron transport, especially focusing on cyclic electron transport around photosystem I. I am happy to participate in this research prject. I hope that my research leads to the understanding of the most fundamental and important energy conversion system in nature. I am now in the final stage of the Ph.D. program and look forward to continuing exciting research and the journey of science.

Brief bio:。我的研究聚焦于全球气候变迁等问题,因此我加入了京都大学鹿内研究室,我们致力于光合电子传达的分子调节的研究。PTOX2是一个在Chlamydomonas中参与叶绿体呼吸,具有高活性的电子安全阀蛋白。本次研究我们将Chlamydomonas的PTOX2蛋白导入拟南芥中,研究了PTOX2对光合电子传达的影响,特别是聚焦于PTOX2对循环电子通路的影响。我很荣幸能够参加这个研究项目,希望我的研究能够帮助人们理解自然界最基础最重要的能量转化。我的博士课程接近尾声之际,我期待将来能够继续令人兴奋的研究并继续发展自己的科学之旅。