Plant Biology 2020 workshop: Get Your Message Across: A Guide to Artwork and Illustrations for Better Impact and Clarity

Attending PB20? Join the ASPB publications team, including editors of The Plant Cell, Plant Direct, and Plant Physiology, for a live discussion about making great figures and illustrations!

Wednesday, July 29, 1:30-2:30 EDT.

This workshop will cover the production of artwork and illustrations that effectively convey information and complex concepts. The workshop will consist of short presentations on principles of good design, using R/Python to generate complex data figures and software and other resources that can be used to produce effective figures and posters. Pointers on fonts, colors, density of data, and design of graphs for publication will also be presented. The presentations will be followed by a question & answer period, moderated by Plant Direct Editor-in-Chief Ivan Baxter @BaxterTwi.


Magdalena Julkowska has just finished a postdoc at KAUST working with Mark Tester and is starting her new position as an Assistant Professor at the Boyce Thompson Institute. She will focus on how to layer numbers into a visual representation of data, and talk about the different tools available for data presentaiton, and sources for inspiration. She will also discuss how to represent the data as transparently as possible, while still making sure that the message of your graphs is clear. Follow her at @mmjulkowska.


Patrice Salome is a Science Editor for The Plant Cell with a strong interest in visual design. Previously, he was a postdoc with Sabeeha Merchant at UCLA. He will speak about figure basics: figure size, panel placements, color choice (with focus on colorblind-friendly palettes), the types of data and the best way to visualize them, and will touch briefly on how to save figures the easy way.


Zen Faulkes is a Professor at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. He studies brains, behavior and evolution in crustaceans. He also has a keen interest in design, and writes a blog and has a forthcoming book called Better Posters. He will give a short rundown on the “design brief” for a poster and why poster graphics differ from what you’d use in a paper, focus on standard graphs, and give examples of how to use contrast to emphasize particular features. Follow him at @DoctorZen.