Pengtao Yue: The Plant Cell First Author

Pengtao Yue, first author of “Jasmonate Activates a CsMPK6-CsMYC2 Module that Regulates the Expression of β-citraurin Biosynthetic Genes and Fruit Coloration in Orange (Citrus sinensis)”

Current Position: Post-doc, Huazhong Agricultural University

Education: Ph.D., Shenyang Agricultural University

Non-scientific Interests: Cooking, Reading

Brief bio: During my PhD, I joined the Prof. Aide Wang’s lab in Shenyang Agricultural University, studying the regulatory networks for ethylene biosynthesis during fruit ripening. My major task was to unravel the mechanism used by auxin to induce ethylene production and fruit ripening in apple. I was attracted by how fruit ripening is initiated and how plant hormones influence the fruit quality traits development. Therefore, after my PhD (2020), I joined the Prof. Xiuxin Deng’s lab at Huazhong Agricultural University in the same year, and investigated the involvement of JA in the carotenoid biosynthesis and fruit coloration in citrus.