Nitrogen actively controls phosphate starvation response in plants (Plant Cell) ($)

Phosphate and nitrogen are two essential macronutrients for growth of plants. The homeostasis and sensing pathways for these two macronutrients have been investigated extensively, but independently. Recently, -omics approaches have enabled finding interlinks and cross talks between two or more macronutrients. The components for phosphate starvation response (PSR; PHR1, SPX1, IPS2 and PHO2) and nitrogen starvation response (NSR; nitrate transporter 2.4/NRT2.4, NRT2.5) are well known in model plants. Recent studies showed N-P interaction mediated by NITROGEN LIMITATION ADAPTION (NLA) and PHO2 genes. Using transcriptome analysis Medici et al. identified that PSR related genes are induced strongly in the presence of adequate NO3. PHO2 and PHR1 are directly influenced by N starvation at the transcriptional and protein level respectively. This PSR regulation by nitrogen is systemic in plant tissue and conserved in crop species like wheat and rice. (Summary by Kaushal Kumar Bhati) Plant Cell 10.1105/tpc.18.00656