Recognizing Plant Physiology first authors: Nikolay Manavski

Nikolay Manavski, first author of CHLOROPLAST RIBOSOME ASSOCIATED supports translation under stress and interacts with the ribosomal 30S subunit

Current Position: Postdoc at IBMP-CNRS, Strasbourg, France

Education: Diploma and PhD in Molecular Biology, Department of Molecular Plant Biology, University of Hamburg, Germany.

Non-scientific Interests: Running, cooking, reading, meditation.

Brief bio: I’m interested in understanding how nuclear genes control the synthesis of plant organellar proteins. During my PhD, I was focusing on the functional characterization of the mitochondria-localized maize pentatricopeptide repeat (PPR) protein ZmPPR6. For my first post-doctoral fellowship I joined Dario Leister’s/Jörg Meurer’s team at the Ludwig Maximillian’s University Munich to study the control of RNA metabolism by nucleus-encoded RNA-binding proteins in plant chloroplasts. Currently, I am working as MSCA fellow at CNRS-IBMP, Strasbourg, France, focusing on the manipulation of organellar gene expression by artificial RNA-binding proteins.