Nahyun Cho: Plant Physiology First Author

Nahyun Cho, first author of “E3 Ligase AtAIRP5/GARU Regulates Drought Stress Response by Stimulating SERINE CARBOXYPEPTIDASE-LIKE1 Turnover”

Current Position: Ph.D candidate, Department of Systems Biology, Division of Life Science, Yonsei University

Education: Bachelor of Systems Biology, Yonsei University

Non-scientific Interests: Reading, taking photos

Brief bio:

Since I was young, I have always been interested in agricultural production. After completing my bachelor’s degree in systems biology, my interest in the molecular mechanisms of plants was deepened. So, I started to study the molecular mechanisms against abiotic stress in Arabidopsis.

My current research is focused on unraveling the mode-of-action mechanisms of E3 ligase involved in the ABA-mediated drought stress response. In the future, I hope to study molecular mechanisms against environmental stresses in crop plants, and my works will be used to improve agricultural output and quality.