Matthias Ostermeier: The Plant Cell First Author

Matthias Ostermeier, first author of “Thylakoid attachment to the plasma membrane in Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803 requires the AncM protein”

Current Position: PhD student at laboratory of Molecular Plant Sciences, Ludwig Maximilians Universität, Munich

Education: M.Sc. in Biology, Ludwig Maximilians Universität. B.Sc. in Biology, Ludwig Maximilians Universität

Non-scientific Interests: nature, gardening, hiking, listening to music

Brief bio: My interest in plant science began in early childhood. I always loved being outside and learning to understand nature around me. In a second path of education, I finally began my studies in biology where I was more interested in plants right from the start. During my first semesters, my enthusiasm for the smallest of the photoautotrophic units grew more and more and, as a result, my interest in exploring them more closely, which led to a passion for microscopy. With the working group of Prof. Jörg Nickelsen I found an opportunity to combine both interests, plant science and the possibilities of microscopy by research on cyanobacteria. Thus in my PhD thesis I studied the structure and architecture of thylakoids as well as the biogenesis of photosystem II.