Mao Suganami: Plant Physiology First Author Profile

Mao Suganami, first author of “Effective use of legacy data in a GWAS improves the credibility of QTL detection in rice”

Current Position: Assistant Professor at Faculty of Food and Agricultural Sciences, Institute of Fermentation Sciences, Fukushima University, Fukushima, Japan

Education: PhD in Graduate School of Agricultural Science, Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan

Non-scientific Interests: Mandolin

Brief bio:

I have worked on enhancement of photosynthesis in rice using biotechnology and obtained my PhD degree from Tohoku University in March 2020. I moved to my current position at Fukushima University and started my research on genetics. This paper is my first publication in the field of genetics. I will design new crops adapted to modern agriculture by using two approach: the search for natural variation based on genetics and the creation of new value through biotechnology.