Liguo Jia: Plant Direct First Author

Liguo Jia, first author of “Potato tuber degradation is regulated by carbohydrate metabolism: Results of transcriptomic analysis”

Current Position: Associate professor at College of Agronomy, Inner Mongolia Agricultural University, Huhhot, China.

Education: PhD (Plant Biology) in HongKong Baptist University; M.Sc. (Plant Physiology) and B.Sc. (Agronomy) in Inner Mongolia Agricultural University, Huhhot, China.

Non-scientific Interests: travelling, basketball, swimming

Brief bio: my background was agricultural science in my undergraduate period, but I was fascinated by the biological process behind crop phenotype. I joined the developmental biology research group as a master student at SIPPE (Institute of Plant Physiology and Ecology) in Shanghai, then complete my Ph. D study in Prof. Zhang Jianhua research group at HongKong Baptist University. During my postgraduate stage, I focused on the molecular mechanism of plant development and responses to abiotic stress. After graduation I obtained a position at Inner Mongolia Agricultural University as an Associate professor. The major research interest to explore the physiological and ecological mechanism responses to water and mineral nutrition of potato plant, a local advantageous and specialty crop. Further exploring the water and fertilizer management techniques based on its physiological and ecological process, solving the practical problems in potato production.