Lifang Geng: Plant Physiology First Author

Lifang Geng, first author of “Transcription factor RcNAC091 enhances rose drought tolerance through the abscisic acid-dependent pathway” 

Current Position:  Master candidate, College of Landscape Architecture and Forestry, Qingdao Agricultural University

Education: 2016.09–2020.06, Bachelor degree of Qingdao Agricultural University

2020.09–, Master degree of Qingdao Agricultural University

Non-scientific Interests: Travel, Lego

Brief biography: In 2020, I joined Jiang Xinqiang’s research group to pursue a master’s degree, focusing primarily on the screening and functional verification of genes associated with drought stress in rose plants. In this study, we identified a NAC transcription factor, RcNAC091, which is induced by drought and abscisic acid (ABA), from our drought stress transcriptomic database. It was found that RcNAC091 plays a role in regulating the transcription of RcWRKY71 and actively participates in ABA signaling to respond to drought stress. The findings of the RcNAC091-RcWRKY71 module in this study enhances our understanding of the molecular mechanisms underlying rose’s adaptation to drought stress and provides insights into the ABA-mediated signal transduction pathway involved in drought stress regulation.

论文:Transcription factor RcNAC091 enhances rose drought tolerance through the abscisic acid-dependent pathway