Lessons: Make the Link, bringing global dimensions to science lessons (Sheffield Hallam University)

Free resources to bring a global dimension to science lessons

Make The Link offers four units looking at topics like the provision of clean water, the impact of climate change across the world, the development of clean, fuel-efficient stoves for cooking meals in areas with limited infrastructure and ways of preserving food in areas with no access to powered refrigeration.

The units have been developed by the Centre for Science Education of Sheffield Hallam University, and Practical Action, an international development charity that uses science and technology to help lift people out of poverty.

All the resources offer:

  • an engaging context for the science which helps to motivate pupils
  • coverage of key scientific ideas with an inquiry-based approach to practical work
  • full colour resources, printed and digital, which can be used ‘off the shelf’
  • comprehensive teacher’s notes with detailed lesson plans, equipment lists and useful weblinks

You can find the resources for each unit by clicking the links in the orange menu. We hope you will enjoy using them!

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