Kishwar Ali: Plant Direct First Author

Kishwar Ali, first author of “Which factor explains the life-history of Xanthium strumarium L., an aggressive alien invasive plant species, along its altitudinal gradient?”

Current Position: Assistant Professor

Education: Ph.D., M.S., M.S.c., B.S.c., QTLS

Non-scientific Interests: Swimming and Hiking.

Brief bio: Dr. Kishwar Ali obtained his PhD from the University of Reading, UK, working on the theme of climate change and conservation of flora. He has a BSc. and MSc. in Botany and MS in Applied Geographical Information System (GIS). His research interests include, phytochemistry, climate change ecology, GIS, phytoremediation, dendrochemistry and biodiversity conservation. His previous experience of working at Qatar includes working on project related to conservation of endemic flora of Qatar. He has completed other projects with SERC, Earth Watch, WWF and IUCN on various themes of climate changes and mitigation issues. He is currently employed as an Assistant Professor at the School of General Education, College of the North Atlantic Qatar. He has published many research articles on the theme of climate change, biodiversity and conservation, and phytomedicines. He also reviews on a regular basis for the following international scientific ISI-journals, i.e. Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering (AJSE); Journal of Forestry Research; Environmental Science and Pollution; Saudi Journal of Biological sciences and SAGE Journals.