Keegan Pham: Plant Direct First Author

Keegan Pham, first author of “Chlamydomonas ATX1 is essential for Cu distribution to multiple cupro-enzymes and maintenance of biomass in conditions demanding cupro-enzyme-dependent metabolic pathways”

Current Position: Scientist I at Ab Studio Inc.

Education: B.S. Genetics and Plant Biology, University of California, Berkeley

Non-scientific Interests: Gardening, Hiking, Cooking

Brief bio: I have always loved growing plants, especially in my childhood garden. I have fond memories of my late grandmother’s garden full of Vietnamese fruits and vegetables, which got me very interested in plant biodiversity. During my undergraduate studies, I also became fascinated with algae, and was able to work in the Merchant lab studying the ATX1 protein in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii and its connection to metal homeostasis in the cell. Currently, I am working as an antibody discovery and engineering scientist at Ab Studio Inc.