Recognizing Plant Physiology first authors: Jiyue Huang

Jiyue Huang, first author of The Largest Subunit of DNA Polymerase Delta is Required for Normal Formation of Meiotic Type I Crossovers

Current Position:  Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Copenhaver Lab, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, NC

Education: PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Department of Biochemistry. Fudan University, China; M.S. in Genetics, Department of Genetics. Fudan University, China; B.S. in Agriculture, Department of Agronomy in Seed Science and Engineering. China Agricultural University, China.

Non-scientific Interests: Running, travelling, swimming and skiing

Brief bio: I have a long-term interest on understanding the molecular mechanisms of meiosis and meiotic recombination in higher eukaryotes. As a PhD student since 2011, I started to work on the role of the DNA synthesis related factors like Replication Factor C1, DNA polymerase alpha, delta and epsilon (POL2A) on meiotic recombination, and found that DNA synthesis could have a role on crossover pathway discrimination. As a related follow-on, I also worked on understanding epigenetic regulatory mechanisms in meiosis. After I moved to Greg Copenhaver’s lab at UNC in 2016. I have been working on establishing a pollen-based visual assay system to measure meiotic recombination in tomato. Besides, I also work on genetic suppressor screen for novel factor (s) that influence DNA synthesis during meiotic recombination. Since meiotic recombination shares a lot of essential and conserved processes between plants and mammals, I believe our study will be of broad interest to the meiosis community.