Recognizing Plant Physiology first authors: Cong Wang

Cong Wang, first author of The Largest Subunit of DNA Polymerase Delta is Required for Normal Formation of Meiotic Type I Crossovers

Current Position:  Ph.D. Candidate, Biochemistry and Molecule Biology, Fudan University, China.

Education:  B. S. Biological Science, Sep. 2009-Jul. 2013. Lanzhou University, China

Non-scientific Interests: Travelling, reading and movies.

Brief bio: During the last year of my undergraduate student, I had an opportunity to understand meiosis from Dr. Wang and was greatly attracted by meiosis. After graduation, it is my great honor to obtain an offer for pursuing my Ph.D study advised by Drs. Ma and Wang at Fudan University. During my Ph.D study, I was trained in cytobiology, molecular biology, biochemistry, genetics, and transcriptomes. My Ph.D project mainly focuses on two aspects: One is to address regulatory networks of DNA polymerases in meiotic recombination, specifically for DNA polymerase δ required the DNA lagging strand synthesis. The other is to elucidate the epigenetic regulatory mechanisms during meiosis, including small interfering RNAs, histone methylation, and meiotic gene silencing and chromatin condensation. Currently, I will give my Ph.D defense in December, and am planning to apply a post-doctoral position as related to epigenetic regulation of plant reproductive development, especially on meiosis.