Jieming Jiang: The Plant Cell First Author

Jieming Jiang, first author of “A diRNA–protein scaffold module mediates SMC5/6 recruitment in plant DNA repair”

Current Position: Associate Research Fellow

Education: South China Normal University, Doctor

Non-scientific Interests: Keep pets, Travel

Brief bio: I joined the research team of professor Yang in 2012, and engaged in the research on the molecular regulation mechanism during plant DNA repair. The structure maintenance complex SMC5/6 is highly conserved in eukaryotes, and we have shown that it was dissociated from its original chromosomes and further recruited to the DNA double-strand break sites by co-activator ADA2b, thus participating in subsequent repair. The results were published in PNAS and Plant Physiology, respectively. Here, we showed that CDC5, the subunit of MAC complex, regulated the localization of ADA2b and further be attracted to DNA double-strand break sites through the medication of IDN2-diRNA/AGO2 complex. Therefore, we finally proved that the localization of SMC5/6 complex at DNA double-strand break sites was regulated by the diRNA/AGO2 complex. However, there are still many unsolved questions in this field, and I hope my research can provide useful help for agricultural or cancer research.



教育背景:华南师范大学 博士学位


个人简介:本人于2012年加入阳成伟教授团队,致力于植物DNA损伤修复的分子调控机制研究。SMC5/6是真核生物中高度保守的染色体结构维持复合物,我们先前的研究表明DNA损伤时其从原有的染色体区域脱离并通过辅助共激活因子ADA2b重新在DNA双链断裂位点富集,从而参与后续的修复。研究结果分别发表于PNAS与Plant Physiology。本研究进一步表明MAC复合体亚基CDC5通过与ADA2b相互作用调控其在DNA双链断裂位点的定位,而CDC5则通过IDN2-diRNA/AGO2复合物精确识别DSB位点。因此,我们最终表明diRNA/AGO2复合物介导了SMC5/6复合物在DNA双链断裂位点的定位。然而,这个领域中仍然存在许多有趣的问题等待探索,希望我的研究能够为农业生产或者癌症研究提供有用的帮助。