Hongtao Tian: Plant Physiology First Author

Hongtao Tian, first author of KARRIKIN UPREGULATED F-BOX 1 negatively regulates drought resistance in Arabidopsis”

Current Position: State Key Laboratory of Cotton Biology Henan University, Postgraduate

Laboratory assistant in Zhejiang University School of Medicine, July, 2022,

Education: Biology, Henan University, Master’s degree,

Bioengineering, Henan University of Urban Construction, Bachelor’s degree

Non-scientific Interests: Running, Bodybuilding, Reading

Brief bio: I graduated from Henan University of Urban Construction with a Bachelor’s degree, and then joined the State Key Laboratory of Cotton Biology of Henan University and as a Master’s course student. Under the guidance of Prof. Weiqiang Li and Prof. Yuchen Miao, I mainly worked the mechanisms of KARRIKIN UPREGULATED F-BOX 1 (KUF1) gene in regulating drought resistance in Arabidopsis. Transcriptomic, physiological, biochemical and morphological analyses indicate that KUF1 negatively regulates stomatal closure, cuticle permeability, sensitivity to abscisic acid (ABA), root/shoot ratio and root hair development, which regulate the plant growth process to adapt to the water-deficient environment. In the future, we expect to establish a more comprehensive KAR signaling pathway and more mechanisms of plant adaptation to drought. Our results also provide a favorable theoretical basis and candidate gene for enhancing drought resistance of crops in the future.

论文:KARRIKIN UPREGULATED F-BOX 1 negatively regulates drought resistance in Arabidopsis


现在职位:河南大学 棉花生物学国家重点实验室  2019级硕士研究生






我本科毕业于河南城建学院,毕业后考入河南大学棉花生物学国家重点实验室,并攻读硕士学位。在李伟强教授和苗雨晨教授的指导下,开展了KARRIKIN UPREGULATED F-BOX 1KUF1)基因在调控干旱胁迫适应方面的生理机制研究。我们通过转录组、生理生化和形态学等方面的分析,发现KUF1基因主要负向调控以下相关机制:1)气孔关闭和角质层渗透性来限制叶片水分损失;2)对脱落酸(ABA)的敏感性;3)根/冠比和根毛发育等。进而调整植物生长发育过程,促进适应缺水的生存环境。未来,我们期望建立更加完善的karrikin (烟素)信号传导和调控机制、植物适应干旱环境的分子和生理机制,为增强作物抗旱能力提供有利的理论依据和候选靶标基因。