Jia Song: Plant Physiology First Author

Jia Song, first author of “Hydraulic vulnerability segmentation in compound-leaved trees: evidence from an embolism visualization technique”

Current Position: Assistant Professor at Shanghai Normal University (Shanghai, China).

Education: 2014/09-2020/01, PhD in Ecology, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Non-scientific interests: Golf, Yoga, Tennis, Archery, Skiing, Travel, Photography, Dance, Piano.

Brief bio: My research interests is the influence mechanism of tree hydraulic architecture and water relationship on its environmental adaptability, and the biological mechanism of tree response to global change. That is, from the perspective of tree stress resistance physiology and physiological ecology, clarify the mechanism of forest ecosystem function formation and stable maintenance under the background of climate change, and explore the response law and biological mechanism of trees to human activities and important global change factors.