Hongye Sun: Plant Physiology First Author

Hongye Sun, first author of “ETHYLENE RESPONSE FACTORS 4.1/4.2 with an EAR motif repress anthocyanin biosynthesis in red-skinned pears”

Current Position: School of Food and Biological Engineering, Hefei University of Technology, doctoral candidate

Education: Successive postgraduate and doctoral programs of study in School of Food and Biological Engineering of Hefei University of Technology from 2018 till now.

Non-scientific Interests: Music, traveling

Brief bio:

I am currently studying at School of Food and Biological Engineering of Hefei University of Technology. Since enrolling in 2018, I have been conducting research on fruit color regulation mechanism under the guidance of Prof. Hua Zhang. In this research, we revealed a regulatory model of PyERF4.1/PyERF4.2 inhibition of anthocyanin biosynthesis in red-skinned pears can be summarized: PyMYB114 binds to the promoter of PyERF4.1/PyERF4.2 and activates its transcription in order to balance the accumulation of anthocyanin in red-skinned pears, then PyERF4.1/PyERF4.2 interact with PyERF3 through the EAR motif to break the stability of the PyERF3-PyMYB114-PybHLH3 complex, which inhibited the transcription of anthocyanin biosynthesis gene PyANS, resulting in the decreased pigmentation in red-skinned pears. This research might provide the new insight into the regulatory mechanism of anthocyanin biosynthesis and enrich the regulatory network of coloration in red-skinned pears.



教育经历:2018-至今 合肥工业大学食品与生物工程学院,硕博连读



我目前就读于合肥工业大学食品与生物工程学院。从2018年入学以来,一直在张华教授课题组进行果实色泽调控机制的研究。本研究揭示了一个PyERF4.1/PyERF4.2抑制红皮梨花青苷生物合成的调控模型:PyMYB114与PyERF4.1/PyERF4.2的启动子结合,激活其转录,平衡红皮梨中花青苷的过度积累,PyERF4.1/PyERF4.2通过EAR motif与PyERF3相互作用,破坏PyERF3-PyMYB114-PybHLH3复合物的稳定性,从而抑制花青苷生物合成基因PyANS的转录,导致红皮梨的色素沉积减少。这些研究对花青苷生物合成的调控机制提供了新的见解,同时也丰富了红皮梨着色的调控网络。