Hirokazu Tsukaya: The Plant Cell First Author

Hirokazu Tsukaya, first author of “The leaf meristem enigma: The relationship between the plate meristem and the marginal meristem

Current Position: Professor, Graduate School of Science, The University of Tokyo, Japan

Education: PhD, Graduate School of Science, The University of Tokyo, Japan

Non-scientific Interests: essay writing, reading, gardening, botanical expedition, gastronomy

Brief bio: My major research interests are the basic mechanisms underlying leaf-shape determination and its evolution. I have been studying plants as a professional scientist since my graduate school days. Yet, my passion towards plants started when I was a teen ager, hence my basal background is the biodiversity of plants. Provided that, even after becoming a plant developmental geneticist of Arabidopsis thaliana during my Graduate School period, I have been constantly engaged in plant tanoxomy, as well. To date, I had described a dozen of new taxa majorly from Southern Eastern Asia. To this end, in my laboratory we have been studying not only Arabidopsis, but also a number of non-model plants.