Highly cited classic papers from 2006

While this series highlights the latest research, a well-read scholar also needs to to know the classics. Google Scholar has a new initiative to feature highly-cited, ten-year old articles. The most-highly cited papers published in 2006 are listed by category. Plant scientists will find particular relevance in the papers from the categories Botany, Agronomy and Soil Science, and Plant Pathology.  The lists reveal insights into the traits of highly-cited papers. Themes include genome sequences (e.g., Ustilago maydis, Phytophthora), analyses and curation of large gene families (e.g., ERF gene families in Arabidopsis and rice), new methods and tools (gene silencing by artificial miRNAs, gene cloning with GATEWAY vectors), identification of key trait-conferring genes (e.g., submergence tolerance by Sub1A) and breakthroughs in fundamental insights (e.g., ROS production and scavenging in chloroplasts, suppression of plant defenses by bacterial effectors). Here’s a chance to catch up with these truly classic papers you may have missed the first time around. Happy reading! (Thanks to Rubén Rellán Álvarez for the tip.)

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