Guillermo Baena: Plant Physiology First Author

Guillermo Baena, first author of “SNARE SYP132 mediates divergent trafficking of H+-ATPase AHA1 and antimicrobial PR1 during bacterial pathogenesis”

Current Position: Postdoctoral Research Assistant, Plant Science Group, Institute of Molecular, Cell and Systems Biology, University of Glasgow.

Education: PhD in Molecular Plant Physiology, MSc in Plant Molecular Genetics and Biochemistry and BSc in Biology at the University of Seville

Non-scientific Interests: cycling, cinema, travel, tennis, fantasy genre

Brief bio: My research interests in plant science are focused on membrane trafficking and associated protein-protein interactions. During my current postdoc at the University of Glasgow in Rucha Karnik’s lab, I study the connection with membrane trafficking of essential plasma membrane proteins such as the proton pumps and aquaporins in response to biotic and abiotic stresses. During my PhD at the University of Seville, I investigated the role of multiple post-translational modifications on phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase, the key enzyme of C4 photosynthesis, as well as the implication of autophagy on its degradation.