Guanghui An: The Plant Cell First Author

Guanghui An, first author of “Loss-of-function of SAWTOOTH 1 affects leaf dorsiventrality genes to promote leafy heads in lettuce”

Education: B.S. (2016) at Huazhong Agriculture University; Ph.D. (2022) at Huazhong Agriculture University.

Non-scientific Interests: Travelling, Cooking, Music

Brief bio:

I joined the research group of Prof. Hanhui Kuang in Huazhong Agriculture University in 2016. The topic of my doctoral study is to dissect the genetic and mechanism of the development of leafy head in lettuce. The development of leafy head (heading) is a special agronomic trait in some vegetable crops, such as lettuce, Chinese cabbage, and cabbage. Leafy head is conducive to harvest, transportation and storage. In this study, we genetically cloned a gene (LsSAW1) controlling heading in lettuce, and elucidate that LsSAW1 regulates the development of leafy head through leaf dorsiventrality network. Our result showed that up-regulating abaxial genes and downregulating adaxial genes can promote heading. Our results can be exploited for the breeding of lettuce and other heading vegetables, and provide new gene resource for studying the molecular mechanisms on leaf development and dorsiventrality in plants.