Gregoire Le Provost: Plant Physiology First Author

Gregoire Le Provost, co-first author of “Gene expression and genetic divergence in oak species highlights adaptive genes to soil water constraints”

Current position: Researcher at INRAE (France) since 2005, Biogeco Unit

Education:  Ph.D. (Molecular Biology), University of Bordeaux 1, France

Non-scientific interests: outdoor activities (beekeeping, Kayak fishing, running and  hiking)

Brief bio:  I am fascinated by how plants (and especially forest trees) adapt to a changing environment.  During my PhD, I analyzed the transcriptome response in the differentiated xylem of maritime pine both during the growing season and under mechanical stresses. My post-doctoral work focused on the mechanisms of expression of pararetroviral sequences in banana. Since 2005, I am a researcher at INRAE (BIOGECO research unit). I use functional genomic (from transcriptome to epigenetic) to dissect the molecular pathways shaping complex traits of ecological importance (adaptation to abiotic stress and bud burst date) in forest trees (European white oaks)