Fen Yang: The Plant Cell First Author

Fen Yang, co-first author of “Defects in meiotic chromosome segregation lead to unreduced male gametes in Arabidopsis SMC5/6 complex mutants”

Current Position:  Ph.D. student at the Institute of Experimental Botany, Czech Acad Sci and the Department of Cell Biology and Genetics, Faculty of Science, Palacký University in Olomouc, Czech Republic.

Education: M.Sc. in Shanghai Center for Plant Stress Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences; B.Sc. in Shandong University, China.

Non-scientific Interests:  Playing badminton, watching movies and traveling with friends

I have always had an interest in science-based subjects, especially those relating to biology. Solving problems always makes me excited. My master thesis focused on understanding the functions of histone proteins in double-strand break repair. At present, I do my Ph.D. in the group of Ales Pecinka, and my project focuses on the roles of Structural Maintenance of Chromosome 5/6 (SMC5/6) complex in Arabidopsis reproductive development. Our results show that the SMC5/6 complex is needed for the regular segregation of meiotic chromosomes and keeping a stable chromosome number over generations. This finding could be useful for future plant breeding.

姓名: 杨芬

现在职位: 捷克帕拉茨基大学博士在读

教育经历: 硕士:中国科学院大学上海植物逆境研究中心;学士:山东大学

兴趣爱好: 打羽毛球,看电影,和朋友一起旅游


我一直对以科学为基础的学科,尤其是与生物相关的学科感兴趣。解密总是让我兴奋。我的硕士论文侧重于研究组蛋白在DNA双链断裂 (DSB) 修复中的功能。现在我在 Aleš Pečinka 课题组攻读博士学位,我的工作主要是探讨染色体结构维持复合体5/6 (SMC5/6)在拟南芥生殖发育中的功能。该结果表明 SMC5/6 复合体对于减数分裂中染色体的正常分离至关重要,从而能保证染色体数目在世代中保持稳定。这项发现可对未来的植物育种方面的研究有所帮助。