Nadia Fernández-Jiménez: The Plant Cell First Author

Nadia Fernández-Jiménez, co-first author of “Defects in meiotic chromosome segregation lead to unreduced male gametes in Arabidopsis SMC5/6 complex mutants”

Current Position: PhD student in Department of Genetics, Physiology and Microbiology, Complutense University of Madrid, Madrid, Spain.

Education: BS in Biology, MS in Genetics and Cell Biology, Complutense University of Madrid, Madrid, Spain.

Non-scientific Interests: Drawing, dancing and spending time with my friends.

Brief Bio:  I discovered the wonderful world of genetics in my biology degree, working in plant meiosis in Pradillo’s lab at the Complutense University of Madrid. Since this moment, I have focused my research on the function of the nuclear pore complexes in the meiotic process of the model organism, Arabidopsis thaliana. One of the most exciting aspects of my PhD thesis is to see what it’s happening with the chromosomes during meiosis, and try to understand the underlying mechanisms. Also, I realized the importance of basic research as a key element of our knowledge and how plants help us in this pursuit.