Fathi Berrabah: Plant Physiology First Author

Fathi Berrabah, first author of “Insight into the control of nodule immunity and senescence during Medicago truncatula symbiosis” 

Current position: Assistant Professor at the Biology Department of Amar Telidji University (Algeria)

Education: PhD in Plant Biology, Paris-Saclay University, France

Non-scientific interests: farming, arts and sport.

Brief bio:

I conducted my PhD on the understanding of the immune control of the rhizobia-Legume symbiosis in the lab of Dr. Pascal Ratet at Paris-Saclay University and the French National Centre for Scientific Research. During my PhD, I discovered the SymCRK gene coding symbiotic cysteine-rich receptor-like kinase involved in nodule immune repression. I also showed that the prevention of intracellular death of the rhizobia depends on a well-organized genetic network and can be influenced by the environment. I currently work at the University of Laghouat (Algeria), where I pursue my research on understanding the relationship between immunity, senescence and symbiosis in plant and bacteria interaction. I am also interested on enhancing the plant tolerance to the stress using beneficial associations.