Huifang Li: Plant Physiology First Author

Huifang Li, co-first author of “The auxin response factor TaARF15-A1 negatively regulates senescence in common wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)”

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Education Background: 2012.09-2016.06 Henan Agricultural University (Bachelor)

2016.09-       Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (Ph.D. Candidate)

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Brief bio:

In 2016, I entered the Institute of Crop Sciences, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and began my postgraduate study under the supervision of Professor Xueyong Zhang. I mainly focused on the functional verification and genetic analysis of the hormone related gene TaARF15-A1 and yield associated genes TaDA1 and TaGS3. The research results were published in Plant Physiology (co-first author), Plant Biotechnology Journal (co-first author) and The Crop Journal (co-first author).

In this study, auxin response factor TaARF15-A1 was identified as a negative regulator of senescence in common wheat. Both TaARF15-A1 and TaMYC2 could bind to the adjacent promoter regions of TaNAM-1, and the binding of TaARF15-A1 may block the DNA binding sites of TaMYC2 to TaNAM-1. What’s more, TaARF15-A1 physically interacted with TaMYC2, and the heterodimerization may weaken the TaMYC2 protein activity or interfere with its binding affinity. Thus, the effects of TaMYC2 on enhancing TaNAM-1 transcription were abolished by TaARF15-A1 even if TaARF15-A1 did not affect the TaNAM-1 transcription individually. These findings provide another one perspective on the crosstalk between the auxin and JA signaling pathways. Moreover, they provide additional evidence for antagonistic effects among TFs in regulating plant senescence.

李慧芳、柳洪 | Plant Physiology 第一作者

论文:Auxin response factor TaARF15-A1 negatively regulates senescence in common wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)






我于2016年进入中国农业科学院作物科学研究所张学勇研究员团队开始研究生的学习,主要开展激素相关基因TaARF15-A1,产量相关基因TaDA1TaGS3的功能验证及遗传解析工作。研究结果发表于Plant Physiology、Plant Biotechnology Journal(共一排第二)和The Crop Journal(共一排第二)。