Fangfang Niu: Plant Physiology First Author

Fangfang Niu, co-first author of “ADP-Ribosylation Factor D1 Modulates Golgi Morphology, Cell Plate Formation and Plant Growth in Arabidopsis”

Current Position: Postdoc fellow, School of Life Sciences, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China


Ph. D, Cell biology, Northwest A&F University

M.Sc. Genetics, Northwest A&F University

B.Sc.,  Biotechnology, Lu Dong  University

Non-scientific Interests: Jogging, Badminton, Music

Brief bio:

I finished my PhD in Northwest A&F University in 2019, during which my research is mainly focused on dissecting the molecular mechanisms of transcription factors in regulating plant growth and development as well as stress tolerance in model plant Arabidopsis. After that I joined in Dr. Liwen Jiang’s lab as a postdoc. Here, I got systematic scientific training in the cell biology.  Except the exciting discovery in this study about the function of ARFD1 in cell plate formation and Golgi morphology maintenance, I also worked on identifying the key regulators that regulate the vacuole formation and illustrate the underlying mechanisms in Arabidopsis using multiple approaches.