Johan Quilbé: Plant Physiology First Author

Johan Quilbé, first author of “A mutant-based analysis of the establishment of Nod-independent symbiosis in the legume Aeschynomene evenia

Current Position: PostDoc

Education: PhD

Non-scientific Interests: Outdoor activities and martial arts

Brief bio:

During my PhD I worked on the new model legume Aeschynomene evenia that is able to nodulate without Nod-factors. The whole-genome sequence reveals specific and shared genomic features compared to other legumes. Moreover, the screen of an EMS mutagenesis population shows that many shared signaling symbiotic genes have a conserved function in this species. A novel Cysteine Rich Receptor-like kinase (AeCRK) has also been shown to be involved in the Nod-independent symbiosis. The further characterization of different nodulation mutants reveals other mechanisms in mycorrhization, raises questions about AeCRK biological function and shows an unexpected regulation network for the GRAS transcription factor AeNSP2.

I am currently working at Aarhus University, my aim is to decipher the molecular mechanisms behind the recruitment of the root microbiome by the legume host Lotus japonicus by using natural variation. To do that the main strategy is to focus on Genome-Wide Association Study and genetics using a collection