Elena Andrea Pelech: Plant Direct First Author

Elena Andrea Pelech, first author of “Photosynthesis, yield, energy balance, and water-use of intercropped maize and soybean”

Current Position: Postdoctoral Researcher

Education: PhD. University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, USA; BSc University of Essex, UK

Non-scientific Interests: Mythology, Gardening, Cooking, Travelling

Brief bio: My research focuses on exploring both ecological and technological methods to increase plant productivity on a land area basis. I earned my bachelor’s degree in genetics from the University of Essex and later earned my doctorate in Carl Bernacchi’s lab from the University of Illinois. My PhD work was focused on plant growth and architecture using both field experiments and three-dimensional model simulations to elucidate the ecophysiological complexities of intercropping systems to improve ecosystem services. My current postdoctoral research position is working for the RIPE project in Steve Long’s lab at the University of Illinois. For RIPE, I will evaluate the natural variation of mesophyll conductance during induction and relaxation of photosynthesis in crop leaves using isotopic discrimination