Dan Yuan: The Plant Cell Author Profile

Dan Yuan, co-first author of “INDETERMINATE1 autonomously regulates phosphate homeostasis upstream of the miR399-ZmPHO2 signaling module in maize”

Current Position: Postdoctoral Fellow, College of Life Sciences and Oceanography, Shenzhen University

Education: Ph.D. in Huazhong Agricultural University

Non-scientific Interests: Badminton, Music

Brief biography: In 2014, I joined the Lab of Prof. Lei Shi at Huazhong Agricultural University to pursue my Ph.D. study. During Ph.D. period, my research mainly focused on the regulation mechanism of boron efficient absorption in Brassica napus, and I received my Ph.D. degree in plant nutrition in Dec. 2020. Later, I joined the Lab of Prof. Lin Liu at Shenzhen University as a postdoctoral fellow to investigate the regulatory mechanisms of plant microRNAs. The maize transcription factor INDETERMINATE1 (ID1) was first reported to participate in the regulation of maize flowering. In this study, we further revealed that ID1 could modulate the transcription of ZmmiR399 family genes as a negative regulator, thus alleviating the targeted cleavage of ZmPHO2 at mRNA level and contributing to the maintenance of phosphate homeostasis in maize. Our study establishes a regulatory connection between Pi-deprivation sensing by the miR399-ZmPHO2 regulatory module and plant developmental regulation by ID1 in maize.





个人简介:我于2014年进入华中农业大学硕博连读,师从石磊教授。博士期间从事甘蓝型油菜硼营养高效吸收的调控机制研究,于2020年12月获得植物营养学博士学位。之后,进入深圳大学刘琳教授组开展博士后研究,从事植物小RNA的调控机制研究。玉米转录因子INDETERMINATE1 (ID1),首先被报道参与玉米的开花调控。在本研究中,我们进一步揭示ID1作为负调节因子参与ZmmiR399家族基因的转录调控,从而缓解ZmPHO2在mRNA水平上的靶向切割,并有助于维持玉米中磷酸盐的稳态。我们的研究建立了玉米缺磷响应调控模块miR399-ZmPHO2和ID1参与的植株发育调控之间的联系。