Dan Wang: Plant Physiology First Author

Dan Wang, first author of “Cytotoxic Function of Xylanase VdXyn4 in the Plant Vascular Wilt Pathogen Verticillium dahliae”

Current Position:  Post-doctor, Institute of Plant Protection (IPP), Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences

Education: Doctor, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences

Non-scientific Interests: Anime and Reading

Brief bio: I first joined the Team of Crop Verticillium wilt of IPP, CAAS in 2016, mainly engaged in functional research of Verticillium dahliae effectors. During PhD study, my main research work is about the plant immunity manipulating function analysis of secreted protein of Verticillium dahliae, especially the CFEM-containing secreted proteins and xylanase family members. From August 2020, I rejoined this group as Post-doctor and continued to engage in the pathogenic mechanism research work of Verticillium dahliae secreted proteins, mainly including the interaction mechanism with host plants and the identification races divergence related avirulence gene.