Commentary: The discovery of nickel hyperaccumulation in the New Caledonian tree Pycnandra acuminata 40 years on: an introduction to a Virtual Issue (OA)

A Commentary by Jaffé et al. introduces a New Phytologist Virtual Issue on the curious and fascinating plants that hyperaccumulate metals. These diverse species have shed light on metal transporter proteins and mechanisms of metal tolerance, on the ecological function of metal hyperaccumulation (possibly to deter herbivores, pathogens, or neighboring plants), and might even provide a low-cost, environmentally-friendly way to extract metals from soil (phytomining and phytoremediation). These plants are also a great way to stimulate curiosity; who wouldn’t be captivated by a photo showing a plant “bleeding” blue latex? (Summary by Mary Williams) New Phytol. 10.1111/nph.15105