Chongjing Xu: Plant Physiology First Author

Chongjing Xu, co-first author of “CONSTANS-LIKE 1a positively regulates salt and drought tolerance in soybean”

Current Position:

Key Laboratory of Soybean Biology of Ministry of Education China, Northeast Agricultural University, doctoral candidate


Jilin Agricultural University (Bachelor)

Northeast Agricultural University (Doctor)

Non-scientific Interests:

Reading, Sports

Brief bio:

In 2017, I entered the Key Laboratory of Soybean Biology of Ministry of Education China of Northeast Agricultural University and began my postgraduate study under the supervision of Professor Lin Zhao. I mainly focused on the functional validation and molecular biology of soybean stress and photoperiod-related genes. The research results have been published as first or co-first author in Plant Physiology and The Plant Journal.

In this study, we used GmCOL1a overexpression and CRISPR/Cas9 co mutant soybean plants with salt and drought stress treatment to clarify that 35S:GmCOL1a transgenic soybean exhibited strong salt tolerance and drought resistance, while co mutant showed the opposite phenotype, revealing the biological functions of GmCOL1a gene. The Chromatin immunoprecipitation sequencing (ChIP-seq) was also used to detect the target genes GmP5CS and GmLEA that bind to the GmCOL1a protein, and to perform functional studies on the downstream candidate target genes for salt and drought tolerance, together elucidating the molecular mechanism of GmCOL1a involvement in the stress-regulated response. In addition, it provides important biogenetic materials and theoretical basis for the research of soybean resistance genes and the screening of resistance soybean materials.







我于2017年进入东北农业大学大豆生物学教育部重点实验室赵琳研究员团队开始研究生的学习,主要围绕大豆逆境和光周期相关基因的功能验证及分子生物学等方向进行研究。研究成果以第一或共同第一作者发表于Plant Physiology和The Plant Journal等期刊。

本研究利用GmCOL1a过量表达和CRISPR/Cas9 co突变体大豆植株,进行盐和干旱逆境处理,明确35S:GmCOL1a转基因大豆表现出较强的耐盐性和抗旱性,而co-9突变体表现出相反的表型,揭示GmCOL1a基因的生物学功能. 同时利用染色质免疫共沉淀-测序技术(ChIP-Seq)挖掘与GmCOL1a蛋白结合的靶基因GmP5CSGmLEA,并对下游候选靶基因进行耐盐和干旱反应功能研究,共同阐明GmCOL1a参与逆境调控反应的分子机制。另外,为大豆抗逆基因的研究及抗逆大豆材料的筛选提供重要的生物遗传材料和理论依据。