Chengwei Song: Plant Physiology First Author

Chengwei Song, first author of PagUNE12 encoding a basic_helix-loop-helix transcription factor regulates the development of secondary vascular tissue in poplar”

Current Position: Henan University of Science and Technology, College of Agriculture, Lecturer.


PhD Beijing Forestry University, Cell Biology (Principle supervisor: Prof. Jinxing Lin)

MSc. Henan University of Science and Technology, Master of Botany (Principle supervisor: Prof. Xiaogai Hou)

BSc. Henan University of Science and Technology, Bachelor of Science

Non-scientific Interests: History, Basketball

Brief bio:

I studied in Henan University of Science and Technology for my master’s degree, and mainly engaged in the research of develop molecular markers of peony based on retrotransposons. Recently, I obtained my PhD degree from the Beijing Forestry University with Prof. Jinxing Lin, and my research interests mainly focused on molecular mechanism of secondary vascular tissue development in poplar. Currently, I am a lecturer at Henan University of Science and Technology and studding the molecular mechanism of lignin biosynthesis affect flower stem development of tree peony.

In the present paper, we cloned a bHLH transcription factor gene PagUNE12 from 84K poplar. Overexpressing PagUNE12 significantly reduced plant height and internode length. According to cytological observations, overexpressing PagUNE12 in 84K poplar promoted the secondary xylem development with thicker secondary cell walls, and biochemical analysis showed that overexpressing PagUNE12 in 84K poplar enhanced lignin accumulated in the secondary xylem with lower ratio of syringyl (S) and guaiacyl (G) lignin units. Overall, our results demonstrated that PagUNE12 played an important role in regulating secondary growth in poplar, laying the foundation for generating optimized trees with improved wood quality for commercial afforestation.