Bryce Askey: Plant Direct Author Profile

Bryce Askey, first author of “Metabolite profiling reveals organ‐specific flavone accumulation in Scutellaria and identifies a scutellarin isomer isoscutellarein 8‐O‐β‐glucuronopyranoside”

Current Position: PhD student at Cornell University

Education: B.S. in Horticultural Science (University of Florida, USA), B.S. in Biological Engineering (University of Florida, USA)

Non-scientific interests: biking, pizza-making, baking bread, drumming

Brief bio: I began my undergraduate studies at the University of Florida in chemical engineering, but through volunteering at a community garden, quickly realized I had a great passion for plants and environmentalism. Despite only having taken an introductory biology class in high school, I decided pursue a dual degree in horticultural science and biological engineering. After switching my degree, I joined Dr. Jeongim Kim’s lab and worked on multiple projects involving plant specialized metabolism. As part of an REU, I also spent a summer working with Dr. James Schnable at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. These research experiences have helped me to develop a diverse set of computational and wet lab skills, and I’m very excited to now begin my PhD studies in plant biology at Cornell University.