Bradley W. Abramson: Plant Physiology First Author

Bradley W. Abramson, first author of “The genome and preliminary single-nuclei transcriptome of Lemna minuta reveals mechanisms of invasiveness”

Current Position: Postdoctoral Fellow at The Salk Institute

Education: B.S. from Purdue University in 2008; Ph.D. from Michigan State University in Cell and Molecular Biology within the Plant Research Lab (2018)

Non-scientific Interests: woodworking, video games, gardening

Brief bio: Following my undergraduate degree from Purdue University, I gained insightful experience working at two agricultural biotechnology companies developing bioengineered plants and learning numerous molecular biology skills. I joined Dr. Danny Ducat’s lab at Michigan State University in the Plant Research Lab working on my Ph.D. to understand the mechanisms of photosynthetic limitation in bioengineered cyanobacteria. I then joined Dr. Todd Michael’s lab at the J. Craig Venter Institute and later the Salk Institute for my postdoc experience where I became interested in all types of sequencing. I enjoy working with non-model organisms and work to sequence new genomes, discover new pathways and describe new cell types through single cell sequencing. I enjoy the nexus of synthetic biology, sequencing, and plant biology and have used these disciplines for the development of Duckweed, a fast-growing aquatic monocot, as a new model plant for single cell studies.