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PIMT and ABI-TFs cascade mediates desiccation tolerance and longevity in rice seeds (Development)

The ABA INSENSITIVE (ABI) transcription factors (TFs) (ABI3, ABI4, ABI5) regulate DT and play essential roles during seed germination. Therefore, these TFs must be functionally protected during seed desiccation. Recalcitrant seeds are sensitive to desiccation, while orthodox seeds possess a remarkable ability to tolerate desiccation. However, the mechanism that makes orthodox seeds desiccation-tolerant is not […]

LEC1 acts as a molecular signal between the endosperm and embryo to initiate and regulate embryo maturation (Nature Comms)

In most angiosperms, the seed is an outcome of a double fertilization process that initiates the development of the embryo and endosperm. The endosperm plays an essential role in nourishing the developing embryo by ensuring adequate maternal nutrient transfer. However, we are far from knowing the factors that coordinate the developing embryo and endosperm. LEAFY […]

An essential role of MADS-box proteins during wheat spike development (Plant Cell)

Wheat yields depend on the morphology of the inflorescence known as the spike, which harbors multiple lateral spikelets. To control and manipulate wheat productivity, it is necessary to understand the molecular and genetic mechanisms behind the development of inflorescence architecture. Wheat spike development from the inflorescence meristem (IM) is determined when the terminal spikelet (TS) […]