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Genomewide association study of ionomic traits on diverse soybean populations from germplasm collections

Germplasm collections are invaluable resources for plant science and the elemental content of the seeds is a strong indication of the plant’s response to its specific environment. In this study, Ziegler et al. have selected 1,653 soybean accessions from the USDA Soybean Germplasm Collection and seeds came from grow-outs in 14 different location-by-year combinations. Then, […]

Knock-down of rice microRNA166 confers drought resistance through changes in leaf morphology (Plant Physiol.)

Under drought conditions, moderate leaf rolling improves yield in rice by reducing water loss and allowing efficient photosynthesis (leaf upright position). In STTM166 transgenic rice plants,  miRNA166 is knocked down (STTM means “short tandem target mimic”) and the plants constitutively exhibit the rolled-leaf trait. Compared to wild-type plants, STTM166 plants exhibit an improved ability to […]