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Plant Synthetic Biology Collection – Metabolic Engineering

The ability of plants to generate a wide range of metabolites forms the basis of modern food and medical industries. This collection includes papers that go beyond conventional Biotechnology by utilizing principles or approaches from Synthetic Biology such as the design-build-test cycle, rational design, directed evolution, automation, modularity, and orthogonality. elink.io | See Original

Careers in SynBio: Startup companies

As part of our continuing series on future careers in plant science I spoke to Dr. Ran Chao, Co-founder of LifeFoundry, a startup company aiming to expedite research and reduce cost in synthetic biology, about making the transition from graduate research to entrepreneur and what he looks for in new hires. Can you tell us a bit […]

Interviews with synthetic biologists: Michael Mendez

Synthetic biology is a set of tools, a way of thinking, the integration of engineering principles into biological sciences, and potentially the biggest opportunity for advances in plant sciences since PCR. Yet many struggle to define it, and fewer still grasp its full potential. Now, four early-career synthetic biologists have conducted a set of video […]