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Unveiling the hot secrets of seed thermoinhibition: The endosperm’s role in plant survival

An important phase in a plant’s life cycle is transforming from embryo to seedling, when it transitions from a protected space inside the seed to a vulnerable seedling. The capacity of the seedling to tolerate its surroundings determines its survival and eventual reproductive success. In addition to dormancy, which prevents seed from sprouting until favourable […]

Shade finds a salty connection

Light acts as a crucial signal for plant growth and development and is perceived by several types of photoreceptors including phytochromes (phys). Sun-loving plants often exhibit shade avoidance syndrome (SAS), like longer hypocotyl, lesser branching, and earlier flowering to outcompete their neighbors for light. Shade-induced elongation is mediated by the action of PHYTOCHROME INTERACTING FACTORs […]

SIGMA FACTOR5 protects freezing plants

Low temperatures quickly and reversibly inhibit photosynthesis, which is assumed to shield the photosynthetic system from a drop in metabolic activity brought about by cold. In a recent study, Cano-Ramirez et al. found that in Arabidopsis, a nuclear-encoded sigma factor (SIG5) controls chloroplast transcription and contributes to adaptation to low-temperature conditions. In prokaryotes, sigma factors […]

Roots are the ‘kitchen’ for leafless epiphytic orchids

Photosynthesis is the major process which supports plant survival. It’s the kitchen serving food (sugars) to the plant by converting the light energy. Leaves are the major site of photosynthesis for most plants. However, certain plants evolved unconventional ways of performing photosynthesis. In a recent study, Suetsugu et al. discovered an epiphytic orchid (Taeniophyllum aphyllum) […]

Building Your Professional Scientific Network

A network is defined as “an extended group of people with similar interests or concerns who interact and exchange knowledge for mutual assistance, support, and to increase learning” (Kools & Stoll, 2016). In the era of increasing tools, techniques, and ideas, it is challenging to work in isolation. Collaboration is a new form of scientific […]

A paternal perspective on maternal inheritance

Nuclear DNA is inherited from both parents during sexual reproduction, but organellar DNA is (usually) exclusively received from the mother. However, stable biparental inheritance of organellar DNA has also been reported in plants and animals but its molecular mechanism is unknown. Using quantitative genetic screening, Chung et al. hypothesized that altered plastid inheritance patterns can […]

Drought resistance or yield? In search of gold, we lost the diamond (Mol. Plant)

Artificial selection has significantly increased crop yield. However, this has come at the cost of compromising abiotic stress tolerance. Stomatal aperture has an important role in abiotic stress tolerance. Abiotic stress induces stomatal closure and involves the intracellular production of reactive oxygen species (ROS) in guard cells. To unravel the underlying molecular modulators contributing to […]