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Plant Science Research Weekly: November 19, 2021

Focus Issue on Architecture and Plasticity The November issue of Plant Physiology is a Focus Issue on Architecture and Plasticity. One of the most intriguing aspects of plant growth and development is the environmental responsiveness (also known as “plasticity”) of plant architecture (growth form). Depending on environmental conditions, roots can grow deeper, branch more, or […]

Review. A glossary of plant cell structures: Current insights and future questions (Plant Cell)

In a contribution to the January 2022 Plant Cell Focus Issue on Plant Cell Biology, Kang et al. have assembled an updated survey of plant cell structures. This review includes a dozen mini-reviews that describe various compartments or structures within plant cells: the nucleus, endoplasmic reticulum, Golgi stacks, endosomes, vacuole, lipid droplets, peroxisomes, mitochondria, chloroplast, […]

Pollinators contribute to the maintenance of flowering plant diversity (Nature)

How do small populations persist in spite of sharing space with much larger populations? Wei et al. explored this question in the context of plant-pollinator interactions. They observed that rarer species tend to attract more specialized pollinators, whereas more abundant species have more shared pollinators, leading to reduced reproductive success as their pollinators were more […]

Plant Science Research Weekly: October 29, 2021

Special Issue of J. Exp. Bot. The quiescent center and root apical meristem: Organization and function As the name suggests, the root quiescent center (QC) is an area at the root tip of low cell-division activity. This special issue of the Journal of Experimental Botany provides a comprehensive overview of what we understand about the […]

Review: 3D electron microscopy for imaging organelles in plants and algae (Plant Physiol)

Have you noticed that the quality and resolution of cell images has been getting better and better? Weiner et al. review the recent advances in 3D electron microscopy (EM) technologies that have provided these strikingly beautiful and informative images. Like “classic” transmission EM, EM tomography requires the production of thin sections, either through cryo-preservation (Cryo-EM) […]

Review: Illuminating the hidden world of calcium ions in plants with a universe of indicators (Plant Physiol)

Calcium ions (Ca2+) are ubiquitous and essential signals, with a very steep concentration gradient from outside to inside the cell. Numerous studies from across the kingdoms have demonstrated that transient Ca2+ fluxes convey information of many types. Here, Grenzi et al. provide an Update on the tools that have been developed to quantify and localize […]

Review: The long road to engineering durable disease resistance in wheat (Curr. Opin. Biotechnol.)

This review by Wulff and Krattinger is a beautifully written “must read”. As the title suggests, it takes the reader on a journey of scientific progress, starting from the “first controlled cross between two wheat species” to the present, with a look into the future. Triticum aestivum (bread wheat) is a critically important food crop […]