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Volatiles as inducers and suppressors of plant defense and immunity — origins, specificity, perception and signaling (Current Opinion in Plant Biology)

When plants are under attack by herbivores and microbes, running away is not an option. As a defence, plants produce volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that repel herbivores, attract enemies of the herbivores, or alarm surrounding plants; VOCs have mostly been viewed as positive regulators in the plant defence system. They are cues for hormonal pathways, […]

Empowering science students: GOES magazine

GOES magazine (www.goesmagazine.org) provides the opportunity for science students to get involved in publishing and not only writing articles about their research, experiences and scientific fun facts, but also seeing how editing, proof-reading and designing is done in real time. GOES stands for Global Opportunities for Ecological Sustainability and each issue has a wide range […]