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Amazing plant breeding!

ASPB Conviron Scholar Presentation by Rostislav Blume Here is my short video about plant breeding advancement. It is made for wide audience, so, I think, most plant scientists here may already know all this information. I believe, this video should be good for all age categories. Let me know, what do you think about it!  […]

Informational Interview with Dr. Margaret Woodhouse: Computational biologist and sequence curator at MaizeGDB

Informational Interview by Samantha Snodgrass, ASPB Conviron Scholar 2020 Margaret Woodhouse is a computational biologist and sequence curator at the Maize Genetics and Genomics Database, MaizeGDB, which is a part of the United States Department of Agriculture, USDA. We talked about her journey to her current position, what work as a MaizeGDB curator is like in […]

Why Hybrids Are A-maize-ing

Ever wonder what a hybrid is? Or why we use hybrids in agriculture? This video answers these questions and dives into the current ways researchers are using new DNA and RNA sequencing to further understand why hybrids are a-maize-ing. Check out this ASPB Conviron Scholars Presentation by Samantha Snodgrass  

Plant Domestication: A class for upper-level high school students

By Xiang Li, Conviron Scholar. The assignment was to develop a lesson for school students. Our team (Xiang Li, Haley Carter, Nikolaos Ntelkis and Samantha Snodgrass) prepared the materials for a class of plant domestication designed for upper high school students. We aim to help students understand the process of evolutionary selection through plant domestication. […]